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James L. Morice

James L. Morice

Senior Managing Director

James L. Morice has more than thirty years of experience in a wide range of businesses consulting on organizational and strategy issues. Additionally, he has held a number of operating positions, including as the COO of a successful $100 million business, and has served on the boards of numerous public and private corporations.

Fundamental to his consulting success is the ability to understand a companyࣵlture, vision, goals, strategies, business plans, financial situation, communications style, decision making methods, work processes and flows, and organizational alignment. These capabilities applied to the private equity field, positively affect the achievement of a company೴rategic objectives.

Mr. Morice࣯nsulting career began in 1969 with McKinsey and Company. In 1972 he joined Billington, Fox and Ellis as a Partner; in 1976 he was recruited to Spencer Stuart and Associates and was elected a Principal; and in 1980 he went to William H. Clark Associates as a Partner.

He co-founded a firm in 1982, consulting at the executive management level of business. His experience includes a variety of industries, including medium to high technology, general manufacturing, packaged goods, financial services, and insurance. He has worked with emerging enterprises and large global corporations in both their domestic and international operations.

Mr. Morice࣯rporate experience includes an executive management role with a successful start-up company, NationsBuilders Insurance Services, Inc. as well as corporate roles with Equitable Life and Chemical Bank.

Mr. Morice earned a Bachelor of Science degree from New York University - School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance and holds an Engineering degree from Keystone College.